• Nurturing Courageous and Informed Leaders

    Our students today are civic-minded and want to make the world a more just, peaceable and inspiring place to live.? They want to be leaders. And we want to help them do it.

    At the University there are many opportunities for students to harness their potential, pioneer ideas and develop their leadership skills.

  • Fostering Community, Inside & Out

    At St. Jerome’s University, we also see our community as a classroom. Through student life, community partnerships, and innovative lecture series, we build strong relationships, not only on campus, but also into the wider community.

    This allows us to not only keep close, but also continually connected to new people, ideas, and opportunities for learning.?

  • Image of palms of three students holding berries in them

    We are committed to educating the heart as well as the mind. Learning and serving go hand in hand.

    Compassionate action towards those facing illness, poverty and disenfranchisement is not only rooted in our values. It's truly lived by our students.

  • SJU Residence, Siegfried hall and Ryan Hall

    Student names St. Jerome’s University the best place to live and eat at UW in Maclean’s University ranking report. Click the image to read the full article.

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